Tangram Advisory

Trusted Tax and Accounting Advisors

for Small Businesses and Individuals.

We believe managing your
financial and tax affairs should be simple, flexible and stress free. 
We also believe in the value of having a trusted tax and accounting advisor to guide you now, and grow with you into the future.
Hello, we are
Tangram Advisory
We have a passion for people and helping them shape their success. 
At Tangram Advisory, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients as a dependable and innovative member of their team.
Our focus is on inspiring and implementing change to ensure our clients are on track for shaping their success by achieving their financial, business and lifestyle goals.
Complete Puzzle
A Tangram is a seven piece dissection puzzle.  The pieces can be arranged and rearranged to make any desired shape.  As with the Tangram puzzle, we believe limitless opportunities and solutions can be achieved with our clients to shape their success.
Every great partnership
starts with a